Do other pretty girls have issues keeping friends that are female?

So far everyone of my friends that is a girl has not liked me/talked to me in some point of our friendship. The reason has always been that they were jealous that the guy they liked, like me. Even though I don't show interest in "their man" or flirt with the guy, they still become hostile towards me. I'm kinda getting tired of this and just want to be able to keep a best friend and not feel so alone. Does anyone else feel this way?


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  • If you've never noticed, groups (more than 1) of girls are usually about the same 'pretty'. You'll rarely see these girls with an exceptionally pretty or ugly girl. They're jealous of the pretty one, and don't want to be associated with the ugly one. It's vicious and cruel for the 'outside' girl.

    Solution? Find another girl who is about as pretty as you. You can share stories about guys hitting on you, fashion, beauty tips, ... 'girl tali'.

    Hope this helps (remember, I'm just a guy...)



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  • i literally laughed out loud when I read your question. I can totally relate! I have this one "friend" who is totally competitive with me. and because I'm more on the quiet side I hardly ever say anything to her side comments. but honestly you can't really call these people your friends if they can't understand or they don't know you well enough to believe that you're not after their man. if you really want someone to talk too perhaps a cousin around your age may help, and no one says your best friend has too be a girl! like me, I'm sure you get along much better with the guys, so maybe there's a guy friend of yours that you can talk too.

  • Yes. A lot of girls are insecure and when they feel you have something superior to them (beauty) they get mad and can't stand it. I would advise trying to seek out pretty friends, but then a lot of the really pretty girls can be shallow/not good friends. You are gonna have to find girls that are secure with themselves and mature. That's a hard task lol

    "God help you if you were an ugly girl...of course, too pretty is also your doom. 'Cause everyone harvests a secret hatred for the prettiest girl in the room."