I want to know if I should talk to this really cute guy or not?

I first saw him in a college sketch comedy show and I thought he was really good looking. The next day I saw him in the laundry room while I went to check on my clothes. My clothes happened to be in the washer that he was folding his clothes on but for some reason someone had moved my clothes so I asked him if he know if there were clothes in that washer still but he didn't know so I checked and they were there. So while I was moving my clothes to the dryer he said that I thought I had met something different, I believe he was trying to start a conversation, but I awkwardly said "No no" and smiled. I was really nervous. However, now I see him a lot while using the elevator (he lives a floor below me) and I feel like he thinks I'm an awkward person but I really want to talk to him. So should I introduce myself and ask him if he was the same guy from the laundry room and then explain that I was confused about where my clothes were and that I was in a hurry at the time and to apologize for being awkward?


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  • Approach him - you like him, what other reason should I feed you as some bullsh*t line?

    Here's the truth - You pre-consciously are thinking about him, so that means at least some part of you wants to know him and/or date him (or other things.. *wink*) This is reason enough to say "hi" - at the very least you make a new friend.


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  • i'd make a joke about him trying to steal your clothes and say you'll be keeping an eye on him, all in a joking tone of course. just something to start talking to him then get to know him better.

  • Make some cupcakes. give him one. then give him your number while his mouth is full.


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