Girls, how can I help her?

Hi girls , me again right girls i know virtually nothing about heels but anyway Since my girl Hannah's come home from hospital now and because she has to monitored can't go to work on her she's working voluntary with her sister who asked them and they said ok now her workplace has a strict dress code for women as it works in defence anyway She when she got home she took her heels off and because it was was windy and wet she had hose on and Hannah's heel was clearly or had been bleeding so because Hannah will let me i removed her hose and some of skin was so bloody was sticking to the left hose (injury foot) which made her yelp a bit i cleaned her foot up and put a plaster on it. Is there i can do help stop it happening again while she wears these particular heels


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  • Where is it on the foot? They sell this stuff called mole skin that you can put in the shoe where it is causing discomfort and it pads it kinda.

    • Back of foot

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    • Tried out what suggested boots uk chemist also sugested a product called compeed plasters apparently these were rated highly by tennis star Caroline wasnicki (i have probably spelt her name wrong) anyway Hannah says they both work really well but it will take a little time for her foot to heal

    • Fantastic. Glad you found something that worked for her and thank you for MHO

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  • Tell Hannah to get a more comfortable heel. Not all heels dig and cut. Try more of a platform style, Kerb. It should help her

  • Check the foot care isle. Sometimes I use thick band aides.