What do you like on a guy?

? girls on a guy, clothes, hair etc. what do you like?


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  • try abercrombie and finch

    nice jeans and a t shirt

    this is in regards to suits -> link


    these sweaters are really really cute/hot

    i like t shirts like this on a guy link

    and jeans, well you can find a decent pair anywhere but here

    link and they're affordable


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  • Personally...guys wearing slim fit jeans. Not the super skinny ones. And the top would just be a regular t-shirt. Shoes, I like high-top shoes to go with the look. As for hair, gel-ed, spiked, "school boy" hair with side swept bangs. haha

    However, I think all guys look hot in business suit.

    or if they wear slacks with a polo that's tucked in.

  • i like guys who look comfortable and as if they aren't trying to look good but they do just jeans and a tshirt

    vintage tshirts are really sexy. I really like the way shia labeouf dresses its like I don't care but I still look darn good in whatever I have on kinda thing

  • I prefer the guys, who are not obsessed with Aerocrombie, Hollister, and American Eagle because they just want to look cool and have the "popular look." Also, they brands are so expensive for cheap material, so I guy with the sense to not waste his money on clothing that is damaged easily, has intelligence. I like some one you wears comfortable clothing and every once in awhile dress nice (like a button-down with jeans, just neat and casual.) I consider flip-flops completely feminine. Adias and Nike invented the gel sandals for a reason. The shag is too long, but I do not like the buzz, so an in between. For jewelry, a guy necklace is not a big deal, but bracelets and rings are weird.

  • on a guy, I like many things from emo to badass to clean-shaven. a biker jacket, skinny jeans, converses, and spiked hair is my faaaaaave.


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