Do all black girls have natural nappy hair?

Do all black girls have natural nappy hair?

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  • Depends on what you mean by nappy. They have curly hair, very curly hair. And it is course but that isn't all black people. I think a black woman with natural hair is stunning.
    PS: Your question is extremely rude. If that is what you were trolling for, good for you but stop being an ass

  • Don't know. Ask your mammy.

    • I don't know what a mammy is... But if your referring to my mom she wouldn't know because she's not black

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    • Wtf why not? I thought we were cool you and I?

    • *Yawns* Oh darn! It seems that there doesn't seem to be a seat at my cool kids table for those of your calibur of asininity.

  • do all white people have thin dog fur like hair?

    • ahahaha no but that is funny

    • Lol If your implying that I'm white then your wrong. But to answer your question no not all white people have dog fur like hair

    • Lol yes we do!! Some of it is like a poodle's hair. Some have hair like a shaggy dog. Sone have thick matter hair like a Saint Bernard. So yes us white people have hair like a dog. Got a problem with that? Lol

What Guys Said 1

  • Well damn I wasn't prepared for this... I thought you were asking how my nap went