A funny experiment :)

So, have you ever heard the name of a person you have never seen, and immediately develop a picture in your mind of what the person looks like and who that person is (career and interest wise), based solely on their name?

For instance, when I hear the name Stephen, I think of someone with dark hair and tan skin who is a musician.

So, wanting to see what people think of when they hear my name, what type of person crosses your mind when you hear the name "Amy". And I'm 20 years old if that makes it easier.

Be honest. If you think of a fat, ugly girl then tell me that's who you think of. hahaha I know this is dumb, but it's something I've always wondered.


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  • When I think of an Amy, I think of a blonde with a skinny to average size body that is very cute. Well, that's my Amy for you...


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  • Amy- a white girl that's quiet, light hair (blonde/light brown), she's nice, maybe a little religious, kinda prissy, feminine in a classic way, doesn't wear jeans alot, she wears skirts/dresses and sandals, she's modest and shy. She's probably in school and lives at home, kind of a daddy's girl and close to her family. She has a core group of friends and doesn't party but is nice to be around.

  • I think of a nice, girl-next-door kind of woman. Physically, I think dark and curly hair with an average body build. Just an all around spunky, spontaneous, charming kind of person. Close?