How do I become more attractive?

i dont want any of that but ur beautiful the way u are and u shouldn't have to try toget their attetion iwant thecold hard facts i always get that people want to be nice but all it does is aggitate me i m sorry i sound rude but i am tierd of it. please dont sa look bitch i just want to know.


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  • I know nothing about you, so this answer is probably going to be somewhat vague. Sorry in advance!

    1) Dress for your body. Accentuate your best parts, wear clothes that fit right, figure out which colors you look great in and which ones to avoid. All of this is online, so you can do a quick google search!

    2) Take really good care of your hair. Invest in good shampoos, conditioners, and sprays to address any problems your hair might have. Mine gets too dry and occasionally frizzy, so my hair products are aimed at moisturizing and smoothing, for example. Try to avoid using heat on it as much as possible. There are lots of no-heat styles you can try. And have a haircut which flatters your face. Again, guides for this can be found with a google search!

    3) Take good care of your skin. Figure out what type you have (dry, oily, mixed) and buy face wash/moisturizer accordingly. I also use an acne solution to deal more quickly with any breakouts that occur. Face masks can really help your skin look healthier as well. I like some of the clay or Dead Sea mud masks.

    4) Fitness! Generally speaking, being healthy is attractive. And for lots of people, that means getting in shape. Not going crazy with diets or freaking out about your weight, but toning up and getting active and eating relatively healthily. Find an activity you like, anything that gets your heart pumping, and start exercising a few times a week. It doesn't have to be in the gym. YouTube has loads of free, good workout videos too, so you can experiment with some of those to see if any of the routines click with you.

    You can try playing around with makeup too, but I think its better to focus on your actual looks if you're going to try to look better than you already do. That way, you can roll out of bed and feel confident without too much effort or time. I know what I listed might sound kinda basic, but I've found that sometimes I need to lay things out like that for myself, to give myself things to focus on.

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    • I agree with all of thee above but would say yes to makeup. If you never wear it start light and go slow. Like a bit of mascara and lip gloss. With that in mind, get your eyebrows shaped. If you have facial hair, get it removed either by wax or more permanent means.
      And to add to the fitness: Eat healthy. If you do all these things and still eat shit, then that will come out through your hair, skin and nails. If you put healthy things in your body it helps the skin hair and nails to look their best so all the effort you put into them is not in vain.
      If you paint your nails, keep them painted. If it starts to chip, take it off.
      Best of luck to your new beauty

    • Thanks for MHO! :)


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  • work out and tone every part of you to perfection. A dog ugly woman in the face will turn heads if she is just right, no ifs or butts about it.

  • To be honest, someone who is well read and articulate is very attractive. Attraction is not just physical, but can come from conversations. Is spelling something you can work on?

  • Meth works wonders.

  • use your butt and boobs :)


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  • Girl it all about how you act. You act like your shit the best and dress like you care.