How do I get longer hair faster?

I have read that you can take biotin, but does it really work? Does stimulating the scalp really help?


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  • Trim very slightly but often. Hair left alone will not grow as fast as hair that it trimmed slightly, as little as you can. You don't want it getting shorter!! My sis had hair down to her bum at school, when she had the time to look after it. Now at uni, it's just shoulder length.

    • At school, it was a nightmare to look after. She couldn't wash it alone. Took about an hour. Good job i was never that desperate for the dunny!!

    • Don't go with pills or whatever. Prob do more harm than good!

    • Hey!! I'd forgotten about this one. Thanks for MHO!! Didn't expect that.


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  • Yes, both of those do. They have all kinds of videos on YouTube that feature different methods to grow hair faster and some of them are really good. Be careful with biotin, however, because it causes some people to break out with cystic acne. You want to protect your hair from the outside using argon oil, eggs, and honey. Taking a multivitamin may help too. Good luck:)

  • No, that's all nonsense. It will not grow faster, no matter what you do.

  • Vitamin e.