For girls, is there a difference between hot and cute? Just like guys have a difference between hot and cute

Do girls have a certain limit of cuteness? and it goes to hotness?


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  • Hot is a guy id make out with

    cute is a guy id have a relationship with.


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  • Hot is like almost unattainably attractive, like an Abercrombie model for example. Good body, classically good-looking features. They have sex appeal. They're usually, as alwaysclassy said, an alpha male type.

    Cute is actually more appealing to me, it's more endearing and more down to earth. Cute also describes personality, they're shyer and sweeter than someone who is "hot". More like a guy you'd want to be in a relationship. I think James Franco is cute, like if you watch interviews with him, and videos he makes (look him up on, he's pretty funny) he acts, like, sweet and almost sheepish. It's cute.

    It's really the same reason guys find girls either hot or cute (or so I hear).

  • I rarely ever use the word "hot" to describe someone (it sounds weird to me), but I think hot guys are physically appealing, cute guys are more than that.

  • I don't really use the term "hot" I say "fine", but it means the same thing.


    -sex appeal

    -usually has a perfect body

    -alpha male type


    -usually you know the guy you're calling cute and you like him genuinely for other reasons besides his looks

    -baby face, adorable qualities

    -looks like a guy you'd take home to your parents

    Neither one is really better than the other. It's all relative.

  • Cute for me usually equals a geeky guy or someone who is fun to be around with.

    Hot guy = someone who is more masculine and exudes sexiness.

    That being said, some geeky guys are SO SEXY. Yum.

  • I tend to say "cute" pretty naturally whenever I'm describing a good-looking guy. But that's just me... however I think overall "hot" is just a guy that is just physically attractive whereas "cute" could also be something about his personality.

  • to me if a lad was hot id do him and that would be it and if he was cute id date him...

  • Yes its the same as the guys look on it in my book being that a guy whos really hot I wanna have sex with and a guy that is cute is one that I would like to get to know.


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