Does any other girls have this problem while running?

I'm a short girl (5'2) so all my athletic pants end up around just below my belly button. I have a small wasit and flat stomach but wider hips, with a big butt (those squats) I recently started running a couple months ago and everytime I run my pants slip down. I tried folding it over once and it was just ridiculous, so not doing that. I guess if someone could maybe suggest a good petite athletics website that'd be great :)


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  • How about yoga pants/leggings/whatever they are? Most girls at my gym wear those.

    Other than that you just wear nothing, it's cheap and I won't complain :)

    • Yeah I think I'm going to try leggings. One time at the gym I did think about "a naked gym" but them I thought about all the random fluids and sexual tension. I would never get a workout in lol.

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    • Haha, gotta love gummy bears :P Eitherway, I'd off to bed as it's 2am here. Was fun talking to you and gl with the pants problem :D

    • Lol thank you :)

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  • I thought most of women's workout clothes are supposed to be skin tight...

    Well, don't they make something like a belt for that kind of thing?

    • that's the thing they are skin tight lol I just get it! I think I need something with like inside grippers or petites. but cheap petites because I'm a 23 year college student... I'm not lookin to spend a ton of money. I just don't want to have to keep pulling up my pants.

    • *year old haha

  • Go and buy yoga pants or work out leggings from Dicks sporting goods. They are thicker and won't become sheer when you go and do your squats. made by Nike and Under Armour


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  • Buy more high-waisted pants.

  • Have you considered something like leggings?

    • Do you wear those to the gym? do you have any like sweat issues? or like can you see through them? lol

    • Yeah I wear them all the time. And no see through, lol... Just get thick ones, like yoga pants feel to them. They are great and flattering!

    • I will have to try them! thank you :)