What should I wear to an amusement park with a group of people including my crush?

Me and my friends are going to an amusement park on opening day and we invited my crush who is friends with one of my closest friends. So I want to dress cute but also comfortable and so I don't know what I should wear. Me and my friend planned out all these rides that only have two people next to each other for a few minutes were we can talk and get to know each other, like there's this swing that you're up in the air for five minutes so we're going on that even though I get so nervous on that which is also plus in away, so I want to look cute. I don't know what to do with my hair or make up either. Plus any flirting tips with out being to obvious are great. Because I've never been on a date or just a group thing with a guy I like so I'm a newbie. And if your a guy tell me what you like for girls to wear and how to flirt? (My crush is kinda of a hipster/skater guy if that helps)


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  • A t-shirt and jeans and comfy sneakers cos you're gonna be standing all day long.
    It's light and casual and comfortable and falls right into the guy's alley I think.
    Just be creative with the t-shirt design , make it a half shoulder , or maybe a crop-top if you so incline but don't go overboard eh? Don't want to be losing stuff on them rides.

    • How much make do you think would be good?

    • go light lol , IT'S AN AMUSEMENK PARRRK , shits gonna come off , hairs gonna fly and screams are gonna be heard.

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  • Haha, it doesn't matter really. Where whatever you normally wear... it's just an amusement park.
    Act like yourself with him, enjoy yourself, etc.

    Honestly, acting normal and being yourself is the easiest damn thing in the world.


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  • Maybe a crop top with high-waisted denim shorts and converse sneakers? :) Tie up or braid your hair so that your hair doesn't get too messed up after the rides. I hope you have fun!!

  • It's spring break so. it's pretty hot. Id say wear some shorts and a cute top (Make sure It's not really loose so it won't be all over the place ) good luck and have fun:)