What traits do guys find attractive?

Ok, so I'm a single flirty girl looking for a hottie. Guys, what about a girl (when you first see her) attracts you to her or makes you notice her? I'm kinda short, but I have shiny, rich brown hair, big brown eyes, luscious lips, and I'm pretty tan, if I walked by you, would you notice me? Or do you prefer the tall and blonde type?


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  • Well hi there lol. So what a girl I look for like holly the one in my school that I told you about she is decently thin, she is my height, her face is sort of pale but not too much. She does not wear any makeup and her lips are so perfect, not too big not too small but just perfect. Her body is amazing too. Other than that I could not say much. Oh but one more thing her hair. I could care less what hair colour a girl has but as long as it is kept long and tidy or short and tidy and in good sense that is what gets my heart pounding.


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  • Hell no. Tall blondes are soooo overrated. I don't often find tall and/or blonde girls that I think are completely beautiful. Like 90% of the time when I see a girl who I can't stop looking at, shes short and brunette. Shiny hair is also an added plus... I guess lol. You sound very attractive. don't worry about your looks.

  • Wow!!! I think I'm attracted to you already with that kind of description!!!....

  • Her outfit and her smile.


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