Why go from pretty to ugly?

Guys, I don't get this. Feel free to look at my pictures, but I have guys tell me I'm beautiful all the time. On top of that, I put who I'm dating before myself, not clingy, etc. Yet my ex dumped me for an overweight, ugly skank who's clingy as all hell. I don't get it but I'm tired of feeling second-rate to slutty girls who don't really care about the guy they are seeing. Thoughts?

I guess I asked for it when I posted a question but in response to the answers: yeah, you're right, the way this question is worded does make me look like a bitch. I was extremely hurt when I wrote this, please at least take that into consideration


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  • I had the exact opposite happen to me. I am an attractive guy, a little chubby though. But.. I have a heart of gold.. (and a pretty sweet accent, I'm from boston too).. I always put her before myself, lived to make everyday for her stress free, and as easy as possible. Always made her feel loved. After a few years, she left me because this tall skinny guy from Facebook thought she was hot, and she wanted to give him a shot. Well turns out ths guy is a huge player, a liar, a cheat, and a loser.. she just doesn't know it yet. Why would she put me off to be with someone who's "hot". Looks aren't everything.


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  • hows the personality of each of you?

    guys say they go after looks a lot...but its really the personality that counts

    • Oh and who puts out more. you or her? I've noticed that many attractive girls don't give out so easily...as not so attractive girls...got to do with respecting ur body and yourself

    • Well positives for me, I'm incredibly loyal and honest. I took a day off from class to take care of this guy when he was sick. If he wanted to go out with the boys for the night, I say ok have fun. A negative that I've been told is that I'm too "mothering" (if my friend is going to a party in a dangerous area, I like to at least know they got home safe....maybe annoying, but I do really care)

    • I was ready to go whenever...it was him that was like, we're only having sex if I feel like it

  • first you have 1 picture and IMO your ok looking girl , second he could loose interest in you and fell out of love and maybe thought you were boring.

  • you'r just a stuck up bitch and plus your not all that!


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  • i haven't looked at your pics but I'm sure your beautiful. that doesn't really matter. guys that are not doing playing around want variety. he dated the "pretty beautiful" girl, now he is not to the less attractive skanky girl. we are all different and have our different qualities. this says more about HIM than it does YOU.

    from your comments, you seem like you are loyal kind and that sweet type that tries to give him what he needs. nothing is wrong with that and I'm sure the right guy will really appreciate it but this guy, is off to the skanky bad girl type that does whatever he wants. he will be done with her and probably on to the next. don't worry about it or feel bad. think of it as a blessing, he has cleared the way for a better guy to come and take his place

  • I don't know you, so you are the only person who can figure out if my comments might be accurate. The way you wrote your question does not make you look good. You really dump on other girls and you only mention looks, except for when you are called other girls slutty! The only good quality that you can come up with about yourself is that you are beautiful. It is a little worrying that you can't think of anything else to comment about. I mean, are you kind? Are you outgoing? Are you generous? Are you a good conversationalist? Do you have hobbies? Are you good at school? Do you take good care of your boyfriends? Are you trusting? Are you interesting? Are you a good friend? Are you close to your family? These are just a few of the qualities that people can have!

    So unfortunately, you do come across as mean and insecure and maybe not a lot of fun. You might think about your looks too much. The title of your question says it all, really. I would think about how to make yourself a person who doesn't only care about beauty, because it does not last forever.

    • No you don't know me, but I'm actually not a bitch, I'm just hurt. I'm sure you've felt the same way at one time or another

    • I feel bad for you. Breaking up is tough. You know, the healthiest thing for you to do for yourself is to think about the things you have to offer that aren't about your looks. Start asking the question, why wouldn't a guy want to be with someone as great as me? Rather than, why would I not be pretty enough? Stop judging yourself against other girls. Judge yourself on your own achievements. You will be a lot happier.

    • You ain't that good looking and second just move on fuk your only 20 there hella guys out there who wants to be wit you don't let 1 guy put you down!