Why can't some guys see past exterior beauty?

I am sort of pretty, but I don't really have a "bangin" body that guys want. I distribute my weight well, so I look slimmer than I actually am, although I fear that I will be alone forever. I am 16, in case that is a contributing factor. Will guys grow up?


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    Some things we can get over.

    I can learn to love a girl's mole on the side of her face.

    And I can ignore her slightly uneven eyes, which I can even find cute.

    I can close my eyes to certain imperfections and choose to see the good in her.

    But if I close my eyes, plug my ears, and block my nose, the fat is still there.

    Some things, you just can't ignore.


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  • yes guys will grow up guys in hs want a girlfriend but also one that they can brag about infeont of friends I'm 17 and guys I know are inmature

  • Theres a lot of topics like this on here, I believe you may be looking into the wrong boys if you're having this problem for there is many guys that look further into girls than appearence.

    -best of luck

  • Okay let me turn this around, why are girls so shallow? why do girls only want calendar model guys?

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    • Not all of us. I don't really like pretty boys that much.

    • This is refreshing. I have a heart of gold, I am an attractive guy. Educated, have a great job, very ambitious, etc. But was left after several years because I gained some weight as I aged. Weird! Shallowwwwww

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  • Guys will grow up and someday you might even have more than you can handle. In high school I was consistently told I was just "one of the guys" and "not girlfriend material," but once I got to college and certainly past college, I've had a pretty easy time getting dates. It's all about confidence: it's not necessarily the guys (although they do mature and so do we and that makes life easier for everyone!), it's how you carry yourself. You get to a point where you learn to walk into a room and own it.

  • Some guys will grow up and others never will. The trick is to not waste your time chasing after the ones who haven't grown up.