WTF is going on in our society?!

Does anyone notice a lot of things changing? A lot of men styles are becoming more feminine and I hear about big boobs going out of style too in women. It seems like everyone's becoming dumber and dumber too especially some people in politics. Honestly I don't want to see what the future holds cause from what I see now it ain't looking good at all.


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  • Well its pop culture, its always changing. That's why its pop culture. What's "in" today could be a thing of the past in a week. If it bothers you then just don't pay attention to it, and do whatever you want.

    • Yeah maybe I shouldn't over react haha.

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  • Society is dynamic--the way people act now isn't set in stone. If you don't like what you see this decade, wait for the next one.

  • Why is big boobs going out of style a bad thing?

    And dude, you ARE the future. And if you're worried then now is your chance to do what you can to make things better.

  • Haha, our future is gonna be like the movie idiocracy :p.

    • Hahahaha that movie was great.

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