Guys, guys help me out with my hair?

My hairs are dense, thick, wavy, hard and dull looking. It’s really difficult to tame them. I've also got a cowlick on top of my forehead which prevents any decent style to carry. If I cut them short they look like hedgehog thorns, if I grow them long they look like messy bushes.
Is there any hair cream or leave in conditioner or some home remedy I can stick with to help them become a little manageable and lively?


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  • Coconut oil- Melt it with your hand NOT THE MICROWAVE then fully saturate your hair. Leave it in overnight. For some people nothing dramatic happens but eventually less than a month if you do this once a week it will improve drasticlly.
    I also recommend the wet brush for the cow licks
    Use hard hold hair spray don't use a lot or else... helmet head
    tease it slightly and then spray it down. Or when it is wet try to pin it up or down depending on where it faces and let it try down to fix it. Please i know Dont use cheap hair products and deep condition your hair once a week. For thick coarse hair I truly recommend Matrix biolage ultra hydrating balm use it once a week for 5 - 30 minutes. I know its 20 for a tube but worth it. If you are gonna go buy drugstore brands here is some good ones.
    Mane N Tail
    And maybe hair chemist (they sell it at sally's)


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  • Try Clay Pomade... I think the company that makes it is called Baxter. My wife got it for me and it actually works.

  • if you have cow licks, i think longer hair would be better... since it's the top... you can get the sides cut... use shampoo and conditioner... and choose a good wax... claymation by Hanz de fuko is awesome... but you should actually experiment with these and maybe a hair straightener would do the job but do remember about the heat protection spray and then finish it with some hairspray!
    p. s my friend had a similar situation... this worked pretty well for him

  • Any luck with gorilla snot? My son has the same problem he uses gorilla snot punk level. Works for him