Girls, do girls like buzz cuts?

Yesterday i got a haircut that was a little longer then a buzz cut. I don't know why but i just don't like it. doesn't suit me right. I want to buzz it like mac millers which is just a normal buzz cut. But, girls say guys with buzz cuts look mean, and uptight and all that shit. But, everyone knows me and knows im just a funny stoner, pothead. I also have diamond earrings if that matters. I'm 14 boutta be 15, a freshman. and im not fat at all, not skinny either. Pretty muscular but dont have the appeal of an atheletic kid just cuz people no me. Well all that being said. Do girls like buzz cuts??


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  • I do. It depends though, I should see a picture. But generally, I like it.

  • Me personally, i really don't LOVE them as i prefer longer hair or at least a slight mohawk kinda thing but i know very few boys that look good with it. You gotta be really attractive and have the right face for me to like it. Not that i see it as uptight i just don't prefer it.