What do guys think of low maintenance hair style on a girl?

So I am kind of a tomboy. I love contact sports, grew up and work on a ranch and do a lot of hard labor. I never quite fit in with the girls I was around because my style is more laid back. I like flannel and vans, but also dress kind of boho and wear a lot of midriff shirts. But I do love to wear dresses when the occasion calls for it. I don't know how to style my hair and so I do not dye it or use heat tools. I have long dirty blonde hair with natural waves. I just wash it, put in some beach spray and let it do its thing. I always think that a dude would rather have really soft hair to run their hands through rather than full of hairspray, but I guess that is just my thoughts. For makeup I only really do my eyes and leave the rest because I don't like to cover my freckles.
I wear contacts but also rock some big frames. Guys tell me all the time that I am the kind of girl they would kill for because I am really laid back, but it seems like I always get looked over for the ones who wear a lot of makeup, jack their boobs up and tease their hair and wear extensions. It seems I'm always an afterthought, so I was just curious if dudes really like laid back or not? I'm pretty confident in just wearing what I want and would rather spend that extra time getting ready on actually living in the moment and having a good time. My avatar is my basic go to hair and get up. Thoughts?


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  • Girls who are/were tomboys are pretty easy to get along with in my experience, hence better relationship material. So long as you're these three qualities you'll be a real catch:

    Feminine, but not girly
    Laid back
    Low maintenance


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  • I have always had a huge thing for tomboys. And as far as beauty goes, woman, by far, are SO much more attractive to men, the more natural they are: No makeup, fake hair color/eye brows, shaved body hair, tattoos, excessive jewelry, etc. Just be yourself. You are already as perfect as you could ever be just the way the Good Lord made you!!

    • Thank you, I appreciate your feedback and kind words!

    • You are very welcome! And like MHO said, low maintenance is so very important. A girl who can throw on a pair of jeans, pull her hair back in a pony tail and go, is a treasure!

  • I think I'd fall in love. I don't have to sit around for an extra 30 minutes if I want to go on a date while they're getting ready...

    • Thanks for your opinion =]
      Yeah I don't know, it's not that I don't care what I look like, I do like trying to look nice, but I just don't personally see the point in wasting hours and hours of precious time I could be spending with awesome people, on things that may make me look okay in the moment, but are actually damaging long term or not to mention uncomfortable like the extensions, dye jobs, heat tools, etc. and all just for one night out! But that is just my opinion.

    • I understand that. I've just seen girls who have to check themselves in their hand mirrors every five minutes to fix their hair. They are more focused on looking good than actually having fun when we're out and about.

    • Yeah I hear ya, I would rather just live in the moment itself than worry about that kind of stuff! The whole point of going out is to have a good time, not worry about every little detail!

  • You look good and sound like my dream girl. If you in Atlanta you know to call me up.

  • You sound very sexy ;)


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