Girls, do you all like guys wearing mma gloves?

do you hate when guys wear mma gloves when you are on a casual outing with him like just hanging around... not like he wears it in a formal party or at the restaurant
pls look at the gloves i wear , would you be mad at him for doing this :

Girls, do you all like guys wearing mma gloves ?

  • no i think its OK and i favor his personal style
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  • its weird and i don't like it
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  • i am not bothered by it even if he wears it
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  • Mma just reminded me of my last bf, and he wore those i think they're cool.

    • thnkx... ilove my gloves collection but my gf just hates it when i wear them


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  • It just looks a little try hard to me but whatever you like lol

    • why so? please explain :O

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    • i wear it since i was a boy and now i am kinda used to it and she is the 1st girl who hates this and hates the fact that i am into mma

    • Not sure why she cares so much honestly lol you should be able to do what you want and wear what you want.

  • I'm actually neutral... lol

    • Those gloves looks cool, actually

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    • but for now lets stick to the girl @Genie23 :P

    • Lol. Cute :-)

  • That would be suuppeerr weird if a guy wore those out... they are like... boxing gloves? What are boxing together? Is he trying to show off strength (keyword trying)? Does he want to punch me?

  • its weird and i don't like it