Do I need to go get fitted for a bra?

Okay, I've never had a bra fitting before and I'm currently wearing a 36 B but:

- it's way too tight on my shoulders, it's always digging in and leaving red marks, even though i've loosened the straps

- i can fit my whole hand up the band which means it's too big in the band but it doesn't feel like it, it feels more like it's too small, but i know it's not

- the cups themselves really hurt underneath my breasts, like it's pinching. it leaves red marks sometimes and also, the constricting feeling is awful. my breasts also sweat sometimes in the heat, along the red marks.

- even though the bottom of the cups feel way too small, the tops are too loose and there's a huge gap between the bra and the top of my breasts

I don't know, does that sound like the bra is too big or too small? It's all just confusing me and I'm kinda scared of getting a bra fitting, like, would I have to take my shirt off in front of them? I don't know... Do you think I need a bra fitting?

to the MHO: thanks so much! you were right about everything. i went from wearing a 36 B to wearing a 32 DD, so you helped a lot.


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  • Assessment
    The straps are digging into your shoulders because your band is too loose to support your breasts. A loose band can feel tight when the cups are too small because your breasts push the too small cups away and stretch out the band. It sounds like the underwire is not wide enough for your breasts. This may be because the cups are too small (highly likely from what you've said so far) or you just need a bra designed with wider wires. The top of the cup may gape when it is too small. Your breast can fit in the cup so it just pushes it away. This is called orange in a glass effect.

    You need a smaller band and much larger cups. I do not recommend seeing a store fitter because many of them use outdated 1950s sizing that thinks everyone fits into A-D cups. It is really easy to measure and calculate your bra size yourself.

    Modern bra sizing
    Band = underbust (rounded up to the nearest even number)
    Cup = bust - underbust
    A, B, C, D, DD, E, F, FF, G, GG, H, HH, etc.

    Don't be alarmed if you get a cup size much larger than what you are used to. Remember D does not mean large breasts like it did in the 1950s. D just means a 4 inch difference between bust and underbust. Here is what I look like with a 7-8 difference and it is definitely quite average:

    • Wow. What a great assessment. I know nothing about this but your explanation sounds so great.


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  • Go for it. For what I've heard from my girly friend though, when they fit you, they give you a much higher letter size to make you feel better about yourself and it may not fit all too well. But maybe that's just the place around here

  • I've obviously never worn a bra, so I don't know what it's like, and I think if I were a girl I wouldn't even wear a bra considering what I hear about how uncomfortable they are and my rebellious character overall, but seriously, do it. Most women actually wear the wrong bra. You've got to be comfortable with what you wear. If what Rahdle says is true, though, ask them to be honest. But they'll usually know what they're doing.

    If you're worried about taking your shirt off, don't. You'll probably never meet these people again and they probably do this on a daily basis, so they won't remember you.


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  • Obviously you should go get fitted.

    Or just measure yourself and follow the bra sizing guide on the Belle Lingerie site.
    That's how I did it and they fit like a glove.

  • yeah either experiment with new bras, or try to get yourself fitted by a professional. i've had some bras that are too loose at the top between the bra and my chest, but near the band it fits totally fine. i think it's probably just a weird, cheap bra because i buy them at walmart lol.
    i don't think you have to take your shirt off in front of them.. you probably just wear a tank top with no bra or something? i can't imagine they'd make you go topless, since most girls are insecure about that sort of thing. but i really don't know since i've never been fitted.

  • go get fitted. yes you have to take your shirt off. some might even help you put on the different bras so there's some nudity possibly... you can ALWAYS say that you'd prefer to try them on yourself... but they need to see you wearing your current bra to see what's wrong and how to fix it. they're pros. they see 394823904802349823049 boobs each day. they won't remember you.

  • You can do your own measurements and bring them to whatever store you buy your bras from. You measure the all around length under your breasts and the length from to top of your shoulder to the bottom of your bra in the back and on the front. Sounds like you are a B but all boobs are different so you might be more comfortable in a AA size or a push up C. I myself am a D but the size isn't comfortable so I use push up bras sized for DD.

  • Always a good idea to get fitted