Girls, have any of you had microloop hair extensions?

I've just had 200 1mm microloop hair extensions fitted and besides asking the basics to my hairdresser I still have several questions:-

i'm a freak and always washed my hair everyday, I'm now having to deal with no longer doing this, is it possible wash it every other day?
I work out a lot, and I hate the thought of not being able to wash my hair after!
Also when putting it up, is it easy to hide the loops? How do you girls tie it up in the gym?


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  • Best bet - ask your hair dresser.

  • No ma'am you can't wash your hair every other day my hairdresser suggested ecery 5 days but I went to the same salon to get it washed so I wouldn't messed my extensions up... And about working out try a high bun and dont wash them with regular shampoo buy and special one or go to the salon like I did