Guys- is makeup that necesarry?

i really don't like wearing makeup that often- fair enough for parties and such but that's it.

however I have friends who coat their faces in it every day and guys always seem to notice them more than anyone else

i really hate how a girls attractiveness is now based on how good she is with a mascara wand these days- so my question is,

does makeup really attract you that much?

is there a limit?

or do some girls 'not wear enough' ?


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  • No way! Makeup is horrible. I can't stand it. I like your reasoning on this. Like I said to another person who asked this same exact question, girls should let Halloween be Halloween, but til then stop wearing a mask. I want to see your face, not what you can cover it up with

    • Seee I don't really like it but I feel as if I'll be judged for not looking nicer (like my friends) if I dont? lol

    • Nonsense. Many guys like no makeup. It doesn't make you look nicer. It covers up what really looks nice. I know if you were with your friends and you were the only one without makeup, I would more than likely notice =)

    • You will be judged because of it but that's just how people are. you're actually a very pretty girl and it should be pretty evident to any guy isn't blind regardless if you have a ton of makeup or not


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  • I prefer girls with no makeup, in all honesty there is no point in the stuff, the only people who notice are other girls and yourself, guys would only notice if you looked like an extra from charlie and the chocolate factory... I like girls who are just comfortable in their own skin, it can also be annoying if you go home at the end of the night and have makeup all over your clothes and face because you hugged or kissed her. I've often woken up with glitter all over my face, its embarassing somewhat :P

    • Hahaha I love this answer. my sister once left glitter on the hairbrush downstairs and my dad went into work with glitter all on his hair and shoulders- ha ;)

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    • Hahaha that's so funny, I enjoy making boys smell of girls- especially one of my friends HATES being feminine in any way

    • :P I don't mind being made feminine its only a laugh, I'm comfortable about my sexuality lol, people who take jokes too seriously are just an easy target for jokers :P its funny because they hate it so much lol I'm cruel :)

  • Makeup is not a necessity it’s a luxury. Painting your face with the stuff is a turn-off but for some a little foundation doesn’t hurt. Makeup is made to highlight your features not hide them. Use is sparingly.

  • Lora,

    Just a little goes a long way; you'd be surprised.

    - a little eyeliner, and

    - eye shadow, and

    - mascara along with lipgloss

    Makes a HUGE difference.

    On the other hand:

    Liquid foundation, powder, blush etc. etc. is way too much.

    Hope that helps!


  • Some don't wear enough and some are experts at applying it and so look really hot. Some don't need it at all.

  • i like girls who do not need make up! natural beauty is he best. I love knowing what my girl will look like when she first wakes up in the morning.

  • What we really want is a girl who can look as good as she can with the least amount of make-up.

    Does makeup attract guy that much? it's part of the presentation just like your shoes won't exactly be the only factor as we look at you.

  • For some girls make up can do wonders. To be honest, most girls look better with make up unless they are bad at putting it on.

    However, a real beauty don't need make up, even though she probably could improve a little with make up.

  • i'm not saying it's neccesary, but girls with eyeshadow jump out at me more than girls without


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  • I can't answer for guys, but my guy friends have said that they like girls who wear makeup cause it shows that they care about how they look, but not to much make up just enough.

    Me, I'm just getting into doing my hair and make up. I don't do it to get guys to notice me, I do it to feel good about myself.

    But you'd be amazed at what a little lip gloss does.