Sometimes, I just want to dress in women attire. Dressing up as a women with only women clothes on me sometimes. Does that make me gay?

1. sometimes, I just want to wear women clothes. does that make me gay?

I'd like to dress like a girl sometimes to bring in some fashion sense in men (myself at least, e. g. above knee capri, knee-length jeans, cuffed jeans and even short shorts. I hate board shorts, cargo shorts and trunk. They look dumb and silly), have double standards and also try out what else a man can do. I am no crazy for attraction and attention, just simply dressing for comfort, tryout (some sort of dare-and-do) and maybe for a better look. I am currently not looking to wear dress or skirt. Adding to that, I may have to go through therapy to do away with all beards and hairs on my body, grow long hair for headband and intake voice therapy for high, chick tone. Then, way to go for nice-looking sleeveless tops, dresses, spandex and athletic shorts. Guy clothes these days don't look much athletic. I am not athletic. I look more like a Korean/Japanese guy, so fitting in girl clothes is not difficult. I don't fantasize about this.

I don't want HRT or sex change. I just want to be that way sometimes and some other time (most likely), I will dress like a man, manly esp. for dating out with girls.. I love girls and want penetrative sex normally with a girl like all other guys. However, I want to try go on a few dates as a girl to see how it is to be a passive role in dating but I will definitely deny intimate relationships with any guy b'cuz it is just so wrong in the nature. Even with me dressing that girly way sometimes, men can find me attractive but I won't buy into any attraction to other males. I just simply don't like men.
2. I excel in my industry as an engineer and in other fields like art (graphic design, drawing) and music (piano). I do some sport (lifting, gym, soccer, workout, hiking, chess,...). I might want to take martial art, aerobic classes as well. Can I do both of those? I know it sounds goofy but there can be men who do boxing and ballerina, right?

some more advice, please.


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  • Most men who cross dress are straight men who hide it. My boyfriend loves to wear my clothes when nobody can see but me. He feels sexy in them. I wet his boxers. I am what you call the one who wears the pants in the relationship lol. He is Bisexual, but considers himself 80% into woman an 20% into men.

    • Thats cool that you do that with your boyfriend :)

      I am the same way, i like wearing my wifes clothes because i feel sexy in them. But sadly, she doesn't really like me wearing them :/


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  • Transgender maybe? Maybe you are bisexual? Only you really know this.

  • That is some really fun hobby you got there.

  • Your sexuality and your clothes aren't linked; your clothes are your clothes and don't have a gender. You may be a little non binary on the gender spectrum, eg. gender fluid or something like that? But if you identify as a man then that's who you are and no-one can tell you otherwise. If you aren't attracted to people of the same gender as you, you're not gay

    • Maybe, in my case, it is just me that just not conform to social norm of dressing by genders that hard-coded in the society. Perhaps, because I excel in computer industry and have potential to do the same in other fields (as described in part number 2), I still want to revolutionize how men dress, bring about changes that take away limitations of men dressing and those of the 'giggling, laughing, OMG' moments I confront to girls ( I am a bit shy to judgments and laughs from girls. Guys don't mind how women dress but girls do have strong senses of fashion and point towards odd guys. :/ )

    • and of course try out what else I can do and might perhaps excel in other things even not conforming to the nature. No one has the choice of their genders for birth. But I want to dare-and-do with progressive/silly mind to break what boils down to genders' difference :)

      Do you think I am atypical man and have gender issue, problem or disorder? OR I just disobey social norms negligently. I have been living as a good son and person with education and other sort of good things for the past 25 years, received a master recently and am doing good in my career and entertainment with music and art as described. Still I didn't have my 'naughty', 'arrogant' teenager time, not any tiny bit of being a bad guy those years. Is this something that can reason the rage and tryout sort of thing I am into?

    • Well good for you for wanting to break out of norms :)

      I didn't mean to imply being genderfluid was a problem or disorder, just that it was a possibility.

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  • That's not what "gay" means.
    "Gay" = Homosexual = Sexually attracted to males.

    • So if I sometimes dress like a girl and guys find me attractive. That makes me a gay regardless how I react to them, such as I deny intimate relationship with any guy b'cuz to me it's just so wrong in the nature and I don't like go on a relationship with guy.

      Simply put, when I sometimes dress like a girl, I don't date girl but I might try to see how girl's dating is and stops right before any attempt from men to make a relationship (by simply just refusing them).

      Most likely some other time, when I dress manly as a man, I date out with girls. What could be wrong with it? It might be how to hide 'double-lives', 'double-standard' sort of things from my girl-friend?
      Quoted: "Even with me dressing that girly way sometimes, men can find me attractive but I won't buy into any attraction to other males. I just simply don't like men."

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    • OK :) then, when I dress like a girl and hangout 'closely' with another girl (not plural), does that bring about something odd? I know it is complicated. I might be beyond traditional male type but not cross the line to ally with the gays (no way in hell that I join them :)

      So, during the hangout, what could happen to both?

    • Why are you asking me as if I know every possibility in the world lol?
      There is only one way to find out is there? Tho I find your repulsion by the gays distasteful it is what it is. Just go out and see if it works for you then I suppose that transvestite business.

  • People do it more often then you'd think any dude that wears skinny jeans usually wears girl pants. So really what's the difference

    • Adding to that, I wear skinny jeans, girl jeans and pants most of the time because I hate board shorts, cargo shorts and trunk. They look dumb and silly.

      I choose tightly fit skinny but not the overly tight..
      What do you think about 'above knee capri, knee-length jeans, cuffed jeans and short shorts' on guys?
      From reading all my posts, do you think, sense or feel that I sound insecure?

    • In reality who isn't insecure in one way or another. Also some of the most manly men wear kilts is this not just a mans dress? Lot's of guys wear girl's pants some of them are famous. Above knee I'd just call them skinny shorts same as knee length. Guys wearing short shorts was huge during the 80's

  • Cross-dressing makes you a cross-dresser. Desiring sex with men but not with women makes you homosexual. Desiring sex with both men and women makes you bisexual.

  • "I hate board shorts, cargo shorts and trunk. They look dumb and silly),"

    Considering what you have just posted, i think you should be the last person to judge...

  • You're definitely disphoric in some way.
    This is something you should talk to a psychiatrist about.

  • Yes. No your role.

    • Know****

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    • Well, as you excel in female dominated field, did you find yourself or have you ever been induced into any of the girly ways (dressing, mannerism: gesture/ walking, sissy-ism). Women clothing and stuffs are so flexible, tight but stretchy, soft but stay in shape... soft, smooth, satin, spandex feel good.

      Men in cargo and bulky clothes walk like beasts. I dress like men more often but only tightly or well-fit and skinny works for me. I hardly find men that wear acrobat/balleri suit, one-piece swimsuit, one-piece gym clothes into the gym or pools.

    • No never.

      As someone who was the only male in my college class for 2 years I never behaved in a feminine way..

  • It makes you a very coiffured l confused individual, but hey man whatever makes you happy.

  • Thats cool that you are embracing that dude! Do what makes you happy for sure. Maybe try find a crowd that accepts that though first? I think it would just be easier is all. Not many people are open minded and are all the cookie cut clones of society.

    I am kind of in the same boat i think, exoring the idea for now