Does spray haircolor wash out?

Tomorrow we have crazy hair day at school and last year I didn't do anything to my hair so I'm thinking that I'll do something "big" this year. I want to use temporary hairspray. I'm going with a blue/dark blue color. I have naturally medium blonde hair and I'm worried that it won't wash out. So does the color wash out or does it stay for some days or what because I have no idea.

And oh, I was planning to spray all my hair.


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  • Oh sounds fun! I remember using green coloured hair spray during a athletics carniva thing at my school. Anyways. It will wash off when you shower. Like you normally wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner right? It will come out. Just make sure you thoroughly was it. (The way you know you have is when the water stops turning dark blue or blue)


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  • It usually washes out of your hair the day of if you take a shower. However, it does like to stay on your scalp for a few days after... It's usually not incredibly noticeable unless you spray a lot directly on your hair parting. I would recommend spraying away from your part, and you should be good.

    Good luck! :)

  • Don't worry about it. It is not permanent.