Would you wee underwear designed for the other gender?

I wear boxer briefs because they feel comfy. I only wear them when I feel like it. Mostly relaxing at home. My mother always wore my dad's underwear. The apple does not fall far from the tree I guess. I two pairs of woman's panties that I got from my sons grandmother. They there not really my style. Black high top panties. So I though it might be fun to put them on my boyfriend. At first it was just for playing around. I found it arousing though. He also found it fun. He says he feels sexy in my undies. He even wears them when I am not there. He does not wear them anywhere besides his room or my place. Would you ever wear underwear for the other gender?

If you choose to comment. Ease do not use any hateful terms or comments. Anyone who does not like my lifestyle save it for god, or keep it to yourself. I only want to know what you like to wear.

Wear sorry for the typo


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  • No. I would feel uncomfortable in an emotional or mental way. Maybe even physically depending on the underwear.


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  • i wear panties all the time :p

  • No i wouldn't


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