HELP! What is he thinking?

This guy in my class I think is really cute and he recently started sitting close enough next to me to b touching but talking 2 people around me instead of me. He kind of goes outta his way 2 talk 2 me sometimes and hugged me for no reason. He's very flirtatious and we seam 2 have a connection that nobody else can see but I don't know if he reallly likes me or if he's 1 of those guys who flirt with everyone. what is he thinking?


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  • wow. you sound exactly like my weird.

  • If he seems to talk to other girls a lot similar to how he talks to you, then he may just be really flirtatious and a womanizer. But if you see a true connection, like him looking in your eyes while he talks to you, then he's probably trying to 'figure you out' and likes you. For example, if you find him occasionally looking at you from the corner of your eye, then he wants to know more about you. He's curious [all guys are]. Since guys have a short attention span, you may want to do something to make him remember you. Like saying something funny and cute in his ear (flirting) and smiling (not too much, though) whenever he looks your way. Good luck! XD