Ever had a guy or girl do this to you?

Go up to you, when you are shopping or even eating with your partner and ask you out right in front of them.

Last night it happen again to me, but this time instead of words this girl just waltz over and left a note

"the color of my underwear is dark blue, care to see?"

has this ever happened to anyone? because this is like the 10th time in my life time.


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  • Yeah, it’s happen to me once (at my own party!) My boyfriend was sitting next to me on a couch and then this guy who I’ve known for a little bit just sits in between my boyfriend and I and asks me out! I was so offended! And my boyfriend is the sweetest person in the world! He just gave me this really sad look : ( I completely dissed him right in front of everybody!


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  • Not like that, but I've had wierdos trying to chat me up when I've been loading my car up with shopping and then following me round to the trolley park afterwards. Never been so glad to drive a sports car in my life..lets just say I wheel span out of that car park pretty sharpish and vowed never to go back there again!

  • Hahaha, that makes me laugh. But no this has never happened to me before, like that anyways. Maybe your just extremely attractive and girls can't help but want you to see their panties ( ;


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