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Beautiful, hot, virgin girl ...

I was wondering what do guys think about 19 year old girl who really beautiful, really hot, but still a virgin? I know this girl in college, whose... Show More

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  • virginity is a gift from God! cos is nt really that easy for one to keep he or her virginity up till the old age! I too, am also a virgin boy of 28 years old and I made a vow nt 2 do it until I get married! so...if there is any God fearin virgin girl out there that is interested! you can email me at corgolden@yahoo.com but she must be beautiful but nt shot! :) pls if your a virgin girl and you hav in mind of havin sex before marriage pls dnt email me okay! cos I wuldnt want any one that will put me intemption to do it b4 marriage! sex before marriage is nt right! thnks

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  • There is absolutely no problem with that, especially if the guy she is with is a nice one, but she may also be seen as a 'conquest' with the wrong guy. The trick is finding a nice guy that will respect her for that.

  • Well personally I think their is nothing wrong with being a virgin. Hell I'm 18 and still a virgin. I think you should do it with someone that you really care about, and not worry about what other people think. But that's just my opinion.

  • I am really impressed.I am a handsome guy of 23 years but still virgin. I was searching a girl just like your friend for long. If she is still virgin then I can be her ideal match. contact me.

  • I would be ecstatic to find my girlfriend was a virgin!

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