Do guys get intimidated by my job and hobbies?

I am a real confident person very outgoing and I can happily talk to anybody , I have lots of guys mates but I think I intimidate them in the atmosphere I work and spend leisure time in.

I am a snowboarder instructor and I compete in huge competitions in freestyle all over the place. . however when I meet guys out of this network, they seem to be a bit overwhelmed by what I do, they often say how cool and how interested they are in this and I try not to say to much about it but once they enter my life style they seem to almost be put back by it Even if we are getting on so well once they know where I stand in the competition atmosphere it all goes wrong


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  • You've hit the nail on the head. They are intimidated by it. Maybe they think it's cool at first, but once they see what you do first hand, it's a bit much to them. Think how someone would feel if they were dating someone filthy rich. They're going out with their significant other to all these extravagant places and meeting all these other well to do people. That person might feel like they don't fit in. But you only feel intimidated though if you're not comfortable with yourself. So ask yourself this. These guys you're talking about, what are they doing with their lives?


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  • This sounds like a question you've already answered. The solution is to find a guy who is not intimidated by your job and hobby.

  • i woudlnt be, id like it, I suck at snowboarding


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