What does it mean if you catch a guy looking at you a lot?

What does it mean if you catch a guy looking at you a lot?

And when you're talking he makes eye contact with you the whole time?

Is it just a coincidence if he looks at you a lot?

Is he just being polite when he always makes eye contact with you?

And is it flirting when a guy pokes or touches your arm, etc?

Or just friendly stuff?


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  • Hmmmm I love how all those guys said he likes you. A guy acts like this with me, but he has a girlfriend. It's actually worse than this. But in your case they're probably right.

  • If its initial stages, like you just met him, or he's relatively new in your life, then yes he definitely likes you!

    But I've gone through this, and even had more signs, conversations, flirting, and then went through hot and cold games, and still was weak enough to like him back when he'd be all nice and sweet again...i let this carry on for years until I realized he doesn't deserve me at all. Some guys just like playing with your head and act like they like you, but won't pursue you, just look out for that, and don't expect much from him. Go with the flow and let him pursue you! Show interest, and flirt back if he flirts, but don't expect him to be crazy about you. Men are unpredictable.

    • Yeah, I've definitely known guys like that! they just like to flirt with tons of girls but they don't really like them.

      But this guy is a really sweet guy and I've known him for a while and I know that he wouldn't do that.