What size bikini should I buy?

So I'm buying a bikini via EBay, the hip size can either be 35inch or 37inch. I'm a 36 inch waist. Which size would be best? Does the one inch make a huge difference?


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  • The bigger one.


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  • Buy the 35 and into the summer it will fit even better.


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  • Does it have any reviews? Usually others who have already bought it will leave reviews stating whether it runs small, big, or as expected.

    • Tried that, no reviews :( thanks though :)

    • Does it have any other measurements, such as waist or chest? Go with whichever one has the measurements more closely matching yours, for example, let's say the medium size is an inch too big for your hips BUT the waist measurement for it is the same as yours, whereas the small is an inch too small for both your hips and waist. Go with the one that at least is the same size as one of your body parts, as that one has the higher chance of being workable with your hips too.

    • Okay, good points. Thank you! Going with the bigger one as it is the same bust size.