Inexpensive Handbags?

I've never owned a handbag before, but now I really want one. I'm very new to this whole fashion thing and I have just started being more conscious of my appearance and how I present myself to the world, Plus it's getting to the point where I have too much stuff to carry around in my hands/pockets.

The only problem is, it seems like all of the girls I see have really expensive handbags like Juicy Couture, Louis Vuitton, Coach, and stuff like that, but I'm a poor college student and I am not willing to pay over $50 for a handbag.

So are handbags $50 and under that are currently in style for girls in their late teens to early 20's?


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  • forever 21, stitches, costa blanca


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  • Marrryyyyy said stitches and forever 21, and that's for sure! You can also get some really nice ones at wetseal for under 40$. Target has some nice ones as well.

    You can also get some really nice ones at wal-mart... :)

    Shop around... =)

  • I love inexpensive handbags. The thing is just don't get logos if you're not getting designer. I really hate seeing people wear obvious knockoffs. Guess and Bebe make nice handbags..I got a $40 white satchel from Baby Phat. It doesn't have to be designer. Especially if you are wearing a bright colored or noticeable handbag, it's not like you're gonna spend $3000 for the designer one so it's okay to wear cheap bags.

  • i go to thrift stores and antique store etc to get a lot of my bags. I have found some pretty good deals on really cute bags at places like that. look up stores online and shop around