Do girls like bald guys?

Well I been wondering because I got rejected on Tuesday by a girl that I like she told me that she has a boyfriend which I don't believe her but she still wants to be friends. So anyways since I been rejected and I have not had a lot of girlfriends I was wondering does this has to be because of the way I look like ? i am bald , pierce ears, etc. my friends tells me that I look like a gangster does this has to do because of the way I look ? I mean do girls looks at guys the way they dress is OK the way I look or do I have to change my style ? I don't know what to do please help !


Most Helpful Girl

  • I liked bald guys as long they have a great personality.

    Try to use Reloxe-Natural hair regrowth supplement. You can google it.

    My friend used it and had given him great results. Good luck!