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Do girls like bald guys?

Well I been wondering because I got rejected on Tuesday by a girl that I like she told me that she has a boyfriend which I don't believe her but she... Show More

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  • I liked bald guys as long they have a great personality.

    Try to use Reloxe-Natural hair regrowth supplement. You can google it.

    My friend used it and had given him great results. Good luck!

What Girls Said 5

  • bald guys can be really sexy, it looks way masculine. if you're balding just shave it all off.

  • Shaved heads are hot..

    Vin Diesel ...yum-mmm-mee!

    Bald head + piercings + full sleeves + sexy body = OMG! Yes please!


  • i actually don't really care if a guy is balding or not... but its probably idea for you to shave your head if it'd make you feel more confident. anyway, this is really subjective but I don't think piercings go well with shaved heads usually

  • yes, agreed with bruno. When I see a shaven head, at least I can tell myself he's in it for style but when 24 yo guy is balding, it's kinda funny. (i'm sorry, that's my opinion)

    • Iam not balding, I shave my head for style.

    • Nice...

What Guys Said 1

  • If you're balding then shave your head. That way it at least looks like you're in control of you're baldness and it is YOUR choice. Still, if you think you look intimidating you could try to tone it down a bit by removing you're piercings and see how you fair with the ladies.

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