My hair won't stay curled!!

Ok how can you get super pretty curls and make them stay there without making your hair stiff from product? Please help me! Also what is the best way to curl your hair?


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  • Don't get a "walmart" steam product; however, a professionally done- steam curling, will make your hair very curly all day long w/o the need of product. Usually, the curls last a little longer than only one day.

    Be very careful doing this as you run the risk of "damaging" your roots- which could make your hair have some problems down the road. Additionally, the use of hot water could scauld you.

    Another option is to use a "non-steam" curler immediately after your hair dries from a shower. Don't do it while it's drying; however, after most of the water is out of your hair, it would be perfectly fine to curl it.

    (With either of the above methods, you won't be spending as much money in curling creme etc)

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  • Don't know why you'd want to -- it looks great.


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  • Make it as short as possible. The longer your hair is, the heavier it will be. The heaviness straightens it out. I would be careful with the steamer the ArtistBoy suggested. It will damage your hair if you use it regularly.