Can someone give me tips on the wool rubbing dreadlock method?

I've got African American hair. Its about an inch in length give or take a centimeter or 2. Yesterday i washed my hair and rubbed olive oil and some mango stuff used for locks i took a dry cloth and started rotation on my head. It came out great i had twists popping up all over my head lol so i sprayed it with spritz and it was stiff and i put a stocking cap on. After about 3-5 hours the twist were still there just a little frizzy i went to sleep without the cap on and woke up with an afro still with twists allover my head but not as pretty as when i started. Today i didn't wet my hair and i rubbed olive oil in it the twists are back but how often should i rub my hair? And how long is it gonna take to lock? Im in love with the idea of neglecting hair for dreads.


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  • you need a professional.


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