Girls, Why are we girls more critical of each other with fashion?

Something that I have noticed lately is that we girls can tell you what other girls wear. Critical of each other when it comes to hair and makeup (Everything). Sometimes we are very complimentary or critical of each other. Guys could usually careless. Why are we so fashion conscious? Are we trying to dress for each other or what? Most guys could careless unless you wear something that looks sexy.


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  • For me its how you carry yourself in what you're wearing. I can say also for me someone who is really trendy I will criticize because well I like originality.


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  • It's because women use clothing etc.. as a way to convey status. We pick apart what certain colors and their combinations mean. How high a heel can mean something else than how long a skirt is.

    It's a learned behavior that encourages competition between women. That can be good because like sassyviolettes said we can express ourselves, but it can be bad since it's how we value ourselves. It's great to enjoy fashion, but it's important to see the person behind it too.

  • Because men have no sense of fashion or styles, and one woman's taste could be different from someone else's.