Tight pajama shirt around my family?

This may be a kind of weird question, but this site is full of weird things. :)

So, I bought this new pajama set and it's really cute. It looks kinda like this:
Tight pajama shirt around my family?

Anywho, I feel a bit uncomfortable wearing it, even around my family, because it's really low and really tight in the chest area. Well, not uncomfortably tight, just tight enought that it conforms to the shape of my breasts. I guess you could say that it leaves little to the imagination.
I have fairly small breasts, (34A) and I don't really like the way they look without a pushup bra on. So this top is a little uncomfortable for me to wear without a bra.
I usually wear cotton shirts that are waayyy too big so you can't see my breasts since I don't wear a bra at home/to sleep.
Um, well, I don't know where I was going with this...

Do you people get uncomfortable at home when you're wearing something revealing-ish? Such a strange question...

Also, how do you suggest I go about making this top more comfortable (looks wise) and make it look better on my body?



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  • Maybe wear a light robe with it.


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  • If it's just around family I wouldn't worry about it , fathers get uncomfortable sometimes if its to revealing but that one seems ok

  • Errr you don't need to change the top if it shows off your body in such a great way (i love small boobs!). Just don't wear it in front of the family!!! 😊


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  • I go around braless in whatever I want at home... They are just bags of fat on your chest

    • I do too, but this shirt is kinda tight. I think I'll just wear it around, but I still am a bit uncomfortable.
      Thanks for the comment!