Twilight: What is the appeal?

I am not asking this question to be crude but out of pure curiosity.I've read a few pages of the book and I have even watched the movie but I could not once discern much of interest in either.I read a lot of books and enjoy the different writing styles of various authors such as Steven King and Edgar Allen Poe.Stephanie Meyer's writing style seems to lack creativity,the characters seem to lack depth, and the plotline is much over-used.I could name many books that have used the same story line(much more elegantly,might I add) the only difference being that her characters are teenagers.So what is the great appeal in the Twilight Saga?Please know that I am only trying to understand what has the majority of girls and women so captivated.So what is it?And be honest.

Ps.This was not a slam at the fans of Twilight nor was it an attempt to start a 'war' so please be polite in your answers.


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  • well its mainly for girls, and personally, I liked twilight because it has those moments every girl experiences one way or another when she meets her first love, I'm not talking about crush, or a guy who is just good looking, but pure genuine love. When I first read the book I didn't know what to expect, but reading along I felt like I had been in bella's shoes, with the guy I currently like...i felt the same emotions and had the same thoughts she experienced when being fascinated by this guy named edward cullen who just stood out to her for some reason, as if its deja vu or meant to be or something...

    it was fun to just relive those moments...

    as I read on, the vampires, action, fantasy realm just added more twists to it all! it makes you thirst for more because if you were in her shoes, you basically want a guy you can't really have, and as human we all want what we can't have, and that's what drives the book forward...this constant struggle between human and immortals...whether lions or vampires...

    its sexy, the love scenes are innocent and yet passionate at the same time, and like I said, every girl goes through this when she insanely likes a guy.

    Guys wanna read the book to fnd out what girls are looking for in this edward character.

    the movies suck though, twilight was horrible and new moon was okay, had some corny acting but overall nice action and computer effects...

    the books are incomparable! =)


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  • Well, when it comes to reading material I think there is something for everyone...

    One question though why do people keep saying "it's meant for girls etc." don't they realize the person asking is female?

  • Those books were written by a woman, and girls always say that guys should be just like that guy Edward, I guess that's the main character, I don't know I saw one movie and hated it. Anyways that guy is a made up character not just the fact that he's a vampire, but his personality is also made up. The reason why so many girls like that guy is because like I said he was created by a woman, basically he is everything she wants in a guy. This is why every girl says guys should be more like him, but the reality is they aren't because we are not fictional characters made up by the mind of a woman.


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  • Girls (young girls usually) love Twilight because of the strong sexy vampire. Period. I really think that's the only reason why. If not for Edward, the book would be nowhere.

    I completely agree with you about the style of the writing, it's terrible.

    When I went to see Twilight, we were sitting behind these 12/13 year old girls who would cry and scream every time Edward came on the screen.

  • Basically, everyone has different tastes. But I will say that I'm guessing for the most part that all the 500 million teenage girls that are obsessed with it, would only be because of Rob pattinson. I actually do like the books, they always keep my interest when I do find the time to read. It's possible that you just don't find the books appealing, like I'm sure is the same with lots of other people. Everyone likes different things and that's just the way it is. I like the books and the movies, but that's just me. I don't go crazy obsessed because I'm a little old for that. But I do think that the whole thing has become slightly overrated.