Girls, have any of use brought it or trialled the bra called the "up bra"? Can I have your opinions on it?

I live in Australia and sadly you can only buy this bra from America. In AUD it will cost me just over $110 including postage. Is it worth it? I need a bra that will give me nice cleavage for my graduation


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  • I haven't tried it, but have you seen some reviews on it? Shipping to Australia for $110 isn't bad. Vat cost and postage/shipping involved sounds reasonable.

    • I have looked and 90% are good but are still want more reviews cause it's one expensive bra

    • It's only more expensive because the U. S dollar is currently 77 cents at the moment which is very low for the Aussie dollar. So say the bra is $55 USD it would be $61.00 AUD, and the same goes with postage. If the U. S. Dollar was high in the 90's you won't need to pay extra for it, which is good for us, but as of lately the U. S. Dollar has been around the 70's.

      Blah blah blah lol if you want it and willing to buy it go for $110.00, 90% positive feedback is pretty darn good.

  • First time I'm hearing of it. I gotta check this out.