Do you plan on showing off any tattoo's or piercings at beach this summer?

its getting warmer here so planning on going to beach this Saturday and started to wonder how many tattoo's and piercings i'm going to see this time. it seems like everyyear there is more and more of them , although i guess pierced belly buttons have been popular for a number of years now , although i think the increase in number of tattoo's has been a bit more recent trend , so guess question is do you plan or have anything that you'll be showing off at the beach this year? a new tattoo? a body piercing like belly button?

  • yes a tattoo and body piercing
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  • only a pierced belly button
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  • only a tattoo
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  • don't have anything to show off but plan on getting something done
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  • don't have anything to show off and don't plan on getting anything
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Most Helpful Girl

  • yup both of them.


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What Girls Said 4

  • My navel piercing. A pierced nose too, but that's not one of the choices.

    I don't have any tattoos.

  • Yeah I have 8 tattoos all on my back and 5 piercings other than my ears.

  • I show off my ear piercings all the time anyway

  • All I have is a pierced belly-button and when I'm at the beach, people will be able to see it.


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