Unattractive man, Great Confidence? Would you hook up with him?

Most women say what they find attractive in men is their "confidence".

We know that without physical attraction, you can't get to know the guy so, what do you find the most physically attractive in a man? What do you find the least physically attractive in a man? On a scale from 1- 10, 1 being the worst looking and 10 being the best looking. We all know that in the perfect world, we would want the best looking on the market. What is the lowest physically attractive man would you hook up with? Would you hook up with a 1 with an awesome personality and confidence?


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  • The lowest I'll go is a 5. 5 being average. And he will have to have a great personality to make up for it. I wouldn't go with a 10. Can't trust a 10. I'll have sex with a 10 but that's about it. So the highest that I'd go for would be an 8. Sorry to say, but physical attraction is important. At least to me.


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  • He has to be attractive to me.


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  • I remember asking a similar question about two months ago. Asked if a nice guy who wasn't a woman's type could somehow gain their interest later on. The responses was devastating if not predictable. Almost all of the women demanded great physical attraction or nothing at all. Good personality and confidence was considered only by a few women, the rest cared not for it. Disbelieving? Look at my profile of questions posted.

    Despite the lack of great looks, a person really can get to know another if they made any effort to do so. Unfortunately, too many shallow humans are in favor of looks and material goals instead of charm and personality. Sad, but realistic.

  • I'd hate to say it but looks come first with almost everybody before confidence, personality, etc. Girls or guys might say differently but mostly likely its not true.

    • I definitely agree that physical attraction is the first thing that people look for in a date or mate. It's just that some people tend to "fall" for a person that they were not going after because they became friends with the person they were actually "physically" attracted to. I've been in that situation many times and actually slept with friends of the women I was going after.