Can anyone recommend a good unscented deodorant? Specifically one that isn't an antiperspirant?

I don't want my cologne and deodorant scents to mix, I just want to smell like my cologne (it's called 1 Million if you're curious as to what I wear). There is actually a matching deodorant for my cologne, but its a whopping $26 for one stick of deodorant! So I've been looking for an unscented deodorant, but haven't come across anything good yet. I've tried 3 unscented deodorants so far including 'Arm & Hammer UltraMax Unscented Solid' and 'Dry Idea Advanced Dry Unscented Gel', but those are both antiperspirants, and believe it or not, antiperspirants actually make me sweat more! With regular deodorants, sweating isn't really an issue in the first place. I also tried 'Tom's Natural Unscented deodorant Solid', but it's actually rather potent with an unfavorable scent, which completely defeats the purpose of an unscented deodorant in the first place.

So any advice or recommendations? And where can I get it from? Thanks!

I have found plenty of unscented deodorants, but the problem is they're all antiperspirants. I've looked at walmart, walgreens, and amazon and haven't found anything, just a bunch of antiperspirants.


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  • Umm... you can't get deodorant without the scents. It's because that how it's working. It masks the odor by using another smell. Antiperspirant prevents odor by stopping the sweats. Deodorant masks the odor by giving up a stronger smell.

    Now there is one final road left for you if you can not stop your sweats. Try antibacterial soap and body wash. Do it everyday or even x2 a day to prevent the build up of bacteria on your skin. The smell from sweats is actually the by product of bacteria feeding on your sweats.

    Also, try your best to keep your clothes absolutely clean. In fact, if you can't smell the fresh laundry on them then you need to check on how you do your laundry.


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  • Try wicked earth naturals. It's not on t he cite but I've gotten deoderent from her before, shoot her an email? Or just mix some baki ng soda in coconut oil or butter and rub it on. Works like a charm and minimal smell!! Haha I am a hippie aren't i...

  • you can find many of them at any drug store.


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