Buff Legs?

I'm around 5'2", I have nice size boobs, fairly skinning, and I have an ass(not huge big but its nice) But I have huge muscular legs. Their like short and buff. Is that a turn off when guys see me? And do you know if there's a way to make them smaller?


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  • it depends on person to person,sexiness style and personality doent come fully from looks it comes from how you carry yourself dear,dont be feeling depressed.Concentrate on the way you talk,walk and carry yourself,on how you dress,etc.

    moreover the physique you told yourself is enough for a guy to get turned on,

    so take my advice and be sweet and simple as you seem to me,just be yourself guys will stand in line to date U. :)

    if you wanna make dem smaller or thinner then join some gym and concentrate on toning ur legs that can help.


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  • It's not a turn off, kind of hot actually, and from what you described, your hot. But I don't know a way of making them smaller, sorry.

  • i think they're hot, I wouldn't mind a chick wrapping them around me tight when we do the deed


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