Should I give him a present for Christmas? Please help

So if you read my last post, you know that me and my guy aren't exactly a couple yet. Today I went Christmas shopping and I bought him a membership card to a online game that he and I both like playing. He also asked if I got him anything for Christmas and I told him I did. Was it a good idea to get him a present or not?


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  • I think its cute that you thought of him and got him something!

    I'm kind of in the same situation as you - haven't gone out with my guy for a while so don't really know what to do...

    I'm an artistic person though so I'll probably just make him a really cool handmade card with drawings and stuff all's going to look amazing B) And I'm making all my friends cookies too so I'll probably make him some too!


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  • My guy likes online games too! I know he'd be thrilled to get a membership card! If you got him that, it shows that you were thinking about him. Very good choice. :)

  • it's fine, because it's something you know he will like, and it will show him you are really into him.