How do I turn him on??

How do I turn my boyfriend on? I'm not like all high and mighty and do crazy things out of the blue sexually or anything, so its not like I'm just gonna start feeling him up. But just like on a regular basis, how can I turn him on?


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  • wow this an easy one, Kisses!, blowing in his ear, definitely lingerie, you can just show him it and let him know your going to wear it sometime for him. Anticipation! :) Dressing up nice, a nice perfume. Compliments, Keeping yourself in shape.. I don't know it depends, but those are a few


What Girls Said 1

  • You don't have to do anything you aren't comfortable with. Wearing cute clothes that show off your figure is a good way to get his attention. My boyfriend simply LOVES my legs, so I wear skirts whenever possible. They are comfortable for me and they drive him nuts. (: Also, a little whispering in the ear, some light flirting and just acting cute should work pretty well. Although, it all depends on the guy and how you two act on a normal basis. Hopefully, this helps you.