Why is it that men tend to have low standards?

It is like ALMOST EVERY post that i see on this site of a woman asking how beautiful she is, men say that she is cute or beautiful, THEN TELL ME MEN, WHAT are you beauty standards? List them out SPECIFICALLY.


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  • I feel that guys say one thing and honestly mean another. But not like they're trying to intentionally be mean or anything. They may say your pretty, because it may be obvious she's pretty. But they're not necessarily attracted to you and your not a date standard. So they're not lying they just wouldn't really want to date her.
    I also think guys have two standards: fuckable and dateable. and I think their standard for sex is a lot more open than their standard for dating. Typically the standard for sex is "not fat", yet u don't see many chubby or less pretty girls getting dates. So based on their base I would have sex with you standard, they're okay.


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  • Usually if I see a rate me question where the chick is fat or unattractive or skanky looking I just don't answer it because I'd rather not hurt their feelings and stir up drama. But yeah I think my standards are higher than most guys. I'm not looking to settle.

    • 1. Fit
      2. Good looking
      3. Nerdy
      4. Must be religious
      5. Must be conservative
      6. Must not jump on bandwagons
      7. Must be chaste
      8. Must have a degree in rocket science and brain surgery
      9. At least four Olympic gold medals
      10. Must have at least been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, though I'd prefer she had won at least two.
      11. She had to be rich or at least have a six figure salary
      12. Her house must be at least two stories with a basement and I want my own bathroom.
      13. She has to drive a ferrari or at least some kind of sports car.

      Should I go on?

  • It is more the whole picture than a scoring grid for different parts of her body

  • I agree with creepy. Sometimes when I click a thread involving 'how do I look' I often don't reply in fear of offending the girl. I don't have very high beauty standards, but I judge people differently from a picture than I usually would in real life. A picture makes a person look less attractive for some reason, so just because I don't think someone is attractive here, doesn't mean that they aren't attracted to me at all. Anyway people have different preferences.
    As for beauty standards. I really don't have much. The prerequisites just involves not being obese and your face shouldn't have any sort of piercings, ear is an except. That's the general rule.

  • They don't think they have a lot of options and they're possibly right. Also, they may be afraid of hurting the girls feelings.

  • 1. Is it fuckable?

    2. Is it willing?


    • low standards

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    • No actually they are very low. Fuckable? Many things can be considered fuckable, willing, that sounds even lower, and only beautiful, not smart or funny, or anything else?

    • I consider anyone who can waste their time trying to objectify and paint out a completely worthless list of adjectives a troglodyte who has no people skills.

  • Because it's a lot harder for guys to get a girlfriend. Women have high standards because they can easily get a boyfriend, so they can afford to have high standards.

  • People are just politically correct on this site.

  • Most men just don't care as much about looks as women seem to think. Some men are hung up on looks but most aren't.

  • The scarcity of willing high standard girls forces men to lower their standards.