I'm sorry but I just can't let this go, BEYONCE looks so FAT! in this video.

It's just painful to look at wiggly body moving all around.

And by the way who's that white haired old woman, it looks like her wig is going to fallout, seriously. I am speechless.

Here's the link, watch it if you dare!


Comment I'm I right or wrong? I wanna know what you people think.
Nice to know no 1 agrees with me, maybe I was exaggerating but I still think beyonce it too gorgeous and she could had done better, like exercising a little more before the making of the video.


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  • Mmmmmm Beyonce

    She doesn't look much different from any other video she has been in.

    • Yeah maybe that's right but it seems like on the other video she wasn't that wiggly.

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What Girls Said 3

  • My build isn't foo far off from hers, so it's nice to know that I'm "so FAT!"

    A lot of girls compare themselves to celebrities like Beyonce, and now you're saying that even she is too fat. We can't all be toothpicks.

    • And no one is asking you to become a toothpick, I'm just expressing how I felt after watching the video.

  • i don't think beyonce is fat at all but I don't think your opinion is really that significant. beyonce's body is sexy as hell, I bet you like those anorexic half starved bony girls huh?

    • Who's opinion is really that significant? and to who?

  • Well, that's nice. First of all, she looks far from fat. True she may not appear to be her usual fit self, but she is still hotter than any other girl you'll ever get. Second of all, there are girls reading this that are bigger than that, that now probably think they're huge because of you, and if you hadn't posted this as anonymous, I'm pretty sure they'd hunt you down. ;)

    Douche bag boys creating a bulimic world one girl at a time.

    • And I wanna say I'm sorry to all those girls. That wasn't my intention.

What Guys Said 4

  • That, my friend, is what a healthy grown woman SHOULD look like. It's no wonder young women have such self esteem issues, what with boys like you ridiculing, quite rudely, normal healthy women. While I don't know her well enough to know how great a ROLE MODEL she is, at least she isn't as scrawny as a damn pencil, and young girls can see a normal healthy woman be in the limelight and have people fawn over her.

  • She looked heavier compared to the masked twig-figure, but I think she looked good as hell. not fat at all, she's probably one of the healthier celebs out there. I wish she wouldn't take anymore fashion advise from lady gaga though.

  • By your standards then all women must be fat.

  • no, just no

    fail troll is fail