What type of hair do you prefer, in general?

I was reading my latest editon of teen vogue, and they have a lot of ads for girls with curly hair, as a girl who has curly hair, i know the struggle of finding a hair product that is actually marketed towards my hair type, throught the magazine a lot of Doves new line for curly hair was mentioned, which i already tried (the deep conditioner works great when it's in your hair, but when you wash it out, you return to your normal hair), in the back of the magazine were models with 'natural' curly hair, and the articles by the pictures had a 'professional' talking about what you should do with curly hair, well needless to say, all 3 girls had the same 'curl pattern' and i was very disappointed, anyone what sparked the question was that they on one of the pages it said that like 70% of girls with curly hair don't like it and wish they had straight hair, i know im in those 70%, and it only because it very hard and frustration to find something for my hair, and i just always feel like the odd ball out, being in a straight haired world is hard.

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My hair is this type of curly static. cinemagia. ro/img/db/actor/38/36/32/nathalie-emmanuel-649832l. jpg


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  • I like what looks good on the girl. Its different for each girl, what works for one might not look very good on another girl.

    Its like the short hair long hair debate. Its not a matter of what looks better in general short or long hair, its about what looks good on that particular girl. Some look better with long hair but weird with short hair, some look better with short hair but can't pull of long hair, some can pull off really short hair like Hale Berry but dont pull off the other two well, or there's girls who look good regardless or they look equally as good either way.

    You kind of understand? Also the guys/girls personal preference plays a part to. But its mostly what looks good on that particular girl, whether its curly hair that looks good on her, or straight hair. Also this applies to other hairstyling concerns not mentioned. hoped this helped. :)

    • Oh and when you say curly, do you mean African American curly, or white person curly hair?

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    • I could see that looking good on certain faces. I like both straight and curly like that, it just comes down to whos wearing it, then i can see if i prefer straight or curly.

    • *on that girl.

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  • Just find whatever works best for you. Stop trying to please everyone else because you won't succeed.

  • Dude I have an afro. My sister has curly, trust me its easy to deal with in comparison.

    I would not mind if I had curly or straight hair.

  • curly hair yay!!!

  • I like beach waves! My hair is naturally like that thankfully! But i just love the look overall- natural is always better 🌸😊

  • I love my men with dark curls ;)

  • No wavy? T. T

    Then, curly.

  • I like to wear my curly but sometimes I like to have my hair straight