I need comfortable sweatpants. ?

I'm looking for comfortable sweat pants or something of that nature for wearing around the house and maybe to the grocery store, or if I just want to go walk around fire awhile.

I need them not to be too baggy/to be able to carry like keys and a phone without them flopping around. Also if they were not too warm that would be good. Any recommendations?

Your help is appreciated, thanks! ;)

I can't do pure synthetics by the way, they are too uncomfortable and bug my skin.


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  • Donnay! my brother is really into sweatpants, and I must admit I sometimes borrow them :P they can be warm, but I do not know what you mean by warm, someone from india thinks 20 degres celcius is cold, were I am from, some people start complaining bout the heat. they have very deep pockets, good luck! www.google.nl/search


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  • I would look at track suit pants as well. Those can come baggyish, but not too much, and they are usually pretty comfy.

  • I actually dont know if they have a store where you live, but you should check out Cotton On Body. Their pants are SOOO comfortable, really affordable, and im 99% sure they're unisex. I literally wear them around the house, to uni, the shops, everywhere lol :)


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