Curly, Straight, Or Wavy?

Which hair type do you prefer (On boys, girls, or even both)?

  • Curly Hair On Girls/Boys
    17% (4)18% (3)18% (7)Vote
  • Straight Hair On Girls/Boys
    4% (1)35% (6)18% (7)Vote
  • Wavy Hair On Girls/Boys
    39% (9)24% (4)32% (13)Vote
  • Curly Hair On Both
    9% (2)0% (0)5% (2)Vote
  • Straight Hair On Both
    4% (1)12% (2)8% (3)Vote
  • Wavy Hair On Both
    27% (6)11% (2)19% (8)Vote
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Wavy > Curly > Straight


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What Guys Said 5

  • Straight hair on everyone. I love straight hair. The straighter, the better haha :-)

  • Curly how? White people curly or my hair type curly, aka nappy?

    • I'm talking about curly in general. It can be loose curls or very tight curls, but there is a difference between kinky coils and curly hair though, just like, curly hair is different from wavy hair because the hair pattern is completely different. I'm African American but naturally I have 3C type hair cx
      The number is category for hair type 1:straight 2:wavy 3:curly 4:kinky
      The letter is categorizing thickness A: thin B: medium C: thick
      I'm sorry I didn't put kinky as a category, but most of the time, kinky coils can easily be associated with curly hair as well so you can interpret however you want c:

    • the first random smiley face was supposed to be a C cx

    • I don't know about that one lol. I have 1/8th-1/4th an in hair that barely gets nappy due to its shortness.

      But I'd say I like all hair types on women, I prefer it to be anything but long and wavy on guys, cause then I just get confused and it annoys me.

  • on guys straight on girls wavy

  • Depends but most people look good with straight hair and terrible with curly.

  • Wavy hair on girls, i love it


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